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Guidance Counseling

Our Middle Level Schools offers guidance counseling in both our buildings. Our team is available for students to have someone they feel comfortable talking to about school, course choice, career development, struggles with feelings, or friendships. The counselors are here to help you adjust and support you through this important time in your life. 

Schedule an appointment (using buttons on the right) and select the category that fits your needs:

Student Social and Emotional Wellbeing
Students and counselors can discuss social or emotional concerns about friends, family, school, or peers.

Student Scheduling and Academic Planning
Students can meet with a counselor about a schedule change request or if they have questions about planning for future classes.

Parent Counselor Meeting
Parents are welcome to make an appointment to discuss their student's social/emotional well-being, future academic planning, or something else with our counselors.

Parent and Teacher 504 Plan Meeting
Parents can meet with a counselor about a 504 request, update, or evaluation.

Middle Level Counselor 

Allyssa Martineau
Middle School (6/7 Grades)
616-696-9100 x5902
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Jacob Ray
Red Hawk Intermediate (8th Grade)
616-696-7330 x5016
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